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How Albert Kahn helped the Soviet Union industrialize: https://detroit.curbed.com/2019/12/13/21012559/albert-kahn-russia-ussr-detroit-world-war-ii

… In October, historians gathered at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to share research into the transnational exchange of workers, ideas, and technologies between Moscow and Detroit during the interwar period. One of these scholars, Evgenia Konysheva from South Ural State University in Russia, explained the significance of Albert Kahn’s practice within the broader adaptation of Fordism into Soviet planning. New modernist planning ideas about the city were characterized by the separation of functional zones for residential, civic, commercial, and industrial use. According to Konysheva, this was combined with a Fordist approach to modular assembly lines in Soviet industrial cities, where standardized layouts for both factories and workers’ settlements were arranged around new infrastructure like highways and railways.
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