Сергей Климаков (klimakov) wrote,
Сергей Климаков

месячина андеграунда, ее-ей

Нема више сунца
Нема више месеца
Нема тебе, нема мене
Ничег више нема, ее-ей
Нико не зна, нико не зна
Нико не зна, нико не зна
Нико не зна шта то сия.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
There is no more sun,
There is no more moon,
You are no more, I am no more.
There is nothing more... oh.
Darkness of war has covered us,
Darkness has covered us... oh.
And I wonder, my dear:
What will happen with us?
Moonlight, moonlight... oh-oh,
Sun is shining, sun is
shining... oh-oh, oh-oh.
From above,it breaks through...
No one knows, no one knows,
No one knows, no one knows,
No one knows what is it that)
Tags: folk music, неслучайное совпадение, политическая культура
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