Сергей Климаков (klimakov) wrote,
Сергей Климаков

Nenets have an animist belief system centred on the local deities that are represented by dolls that they carry on sacred sledges. Some dolls represent “clones” of ancestors, the most respected one is the “grandmother” who protects the domestic space. The Yamal tundra is covered by a vast network of sacred sites with spiritual and existential significance. Lena shares ”according to our belief, a family member will be accompanied by an elder and a white reindeer calf to a sacred place to perform a ritual to a female spirit called ‘stone grandmother’”. Sacred stones found in and around the sacred site and one stone will be chosen by the elder while his/her eyes are closed. The spirit will only reveal itself if the eyes are closed. The better person one is, the stronger the spirit will be. @alegraally @wildbornproject @adventurous_midwives

Публикация от Alegra Ally (@wildbornproject)

Tags: Ямал, арктика, ищу человека

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